01. What are the benefits? What do I get?

Aristolo provides topics, lists of scientific books and articles and templates for writing a proposal and a scientific text like a bachelor, master or PhD thesis.

02. What can I do as a registered user?

You can save and reserve topics and data about books and articles. You can use our templates and tools for getting your text writing done much faster.

03. How does Aristolo work? Where does the data come from?

Aristolo collects and processes data from scientific sources like public book and ar-ticle catalogues. The data are filtered and sorted according to specific criteria.

04. How are the topics created?

Aristolo uses specific algorithms to formulate topics. They are specific to subjects.

Who is behind Aristolo?

Aristolo was founded by Silvio Gerlach and a team of scientist in the technical field (computer science, big data analytics).