In which situations can Aristolo help me?

Aristolo offers you this personal and practical assistance for your thesis:

  • a topic finder with real topics, without a company,
  • a reference finder (books and articles) including citation,
  • a personal thesis guide for all steps of the thesis proposal,
  • an outline template for theoretical, empirical and practical thesis
  • explanation of relevant methods
  • Questions and answers for many problems of the thesis
What is so special about Aristolo? What differntiates Aristolo from otther guidebooks?
  1. Aristolo is for YOU. For YOUR topic, YOUR references, YOUR text, YOUR methods YOUR outline, YOUR Thesis.
  2. Aristolo makes it clear. Many examples and chocolate make YOUR thesis easier!
  3. Aristolo is pragmatic. The text is in the center, from the start. Everything is input to the text.
Where does the content of Aristolo come from?
The content has been created by the Studeo team, experienced tutors and coaches in scientific writing. The examples, methods and techniques have proved to be effective for many years in out Thesis coaching and the Thesis-ABC. Thousands of students used it to write their thesis faster and better.
In which subjects can Aristolo help?
Our emphasis are economic subjects (business administration, economics) and social sciences such as pedagogics, psychology, politics, sociology.
How should I work with Aristolo? How should I use my personal thesis guide of Aristolo?
  1. Find a topic in our topic finder.
  2. Download your Proposal guide with your specific topics, related books, articles, the research question, the objective of the thesis, a methods overview, a preliminary outline. Then follow each step.

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