What is a theoretical thesis and what is special about it?

A literature work is a thesis for Bachelor or Master without interviews, data collections or statistics.
You are not dependent on others. Only the coordination with your supervisors is necessary.
Your own performance in a theoretical thesis is more difficult to recognize. But with the Thesis Guide it goes.
You have to take care of plagiarism. The risk of depreciation and therefore the risk of plagiarism is very high in the case of theoretical thesis. Therefore, our guide also offers a free service, the plagiarism check at the end of the work. We use a software recognized by the universities. Together with the examined work you get an exact instructions how to correct dubious places. It is important, however, that you have a few simple rules from the very beginning. Then you have no worries about plagiarism. In our free ebook "Avoid plagiarism" you will find these rules.

What is easy and what is difficult in a theoretical thesis?

A thesis is never easy. But with the Thesis Guide the literature work is much easier.

The work with sources, with books and articles, is easy for you. You can use certain techniques, which are explained in the Thesis Guide.
Relatively easy is the division of theoretical thesis. Just follow the pattern in the Thesis Guide.
You can produce text quickly and easily. Because the sources are all in front of you. You do not have to wait for experts or questionnaire returns or a statistician ...
You are very self-determined. This makes scheduling easier than any other work. You do not have to look back at others.

It is difficult to avoid plagiarism. You must always be on your guard. But we have the right solutions for you.

In a pure theoretical thesis, it is difficult to recognize something really new on the basis of sources, that is, to gain new insights. The danger is great, that you simply write something from sources and only a little circumscribe and do not know exactly what your contribution is. This can not happen with our Thesis Guide. You can already see the initial situation with the initial situation, the main question, the detailed questions and the goal formulation, what exactly your contribution will be, what knowledge you can contribute. You only have to answer the detailed questions. Our guide shows you in detail and with examples how this works.

It is also often difficult to assess the quality of sources. This requires experience that you can not have. But you have our guide and thus a helper in the evaluation of sources. We show you what you know good sources.

Motivation is another problem for you in theoretical thesis. You have little change and hardly exchange with others. The work seems to consist only of reading, writing, reading, writing, reading, writing, reading, writing ... With our guide you have 2 LARGE advantages.
1. Your project only takes a few weeks.
2. Have you with the schedule so much variety that it is not boring.
In addition, we have 68 techniques against you.
How does the Aristolo Guide help with theoretical thesis?

You will get a complete pattern with undercapitars.
You will get tips, tricks, formulations, writing templates, questions, examples for each chapter.
You will get a complete schedule of procedures, methods, questions and answers for each step.
You get scientific formulations for all chapters and occasions.
You get an integrated source search.
Can a theoretical thesis get a very good grade at all?

Yes, one can, if one meets the following requirements:

You have no plagiarism in the text, nowhere!
You have a clearly recognizable performance.
You have a visible red thread in the outline and in the text.
You only use serious scientific sources.
You describe your approach and your methods.

With our Thesis Guide you have very good chances for a very good grade.
What is the performance of a theoretical thesis?

Self-service has several possible forms. An example is a collection and overview of existing knowledge and its subsequent combination to gain new knowledge. In the Thesis Guide you will find another 5 approaches.
What methods can I use in the literature work?

There are many methods of evaluating existing knowledge. These are, however, not recognizable at first sight. In the Thesis Guide you will find an overview and examples.

What sources do I need for a theoretical thesis?

You need technical books and
You need specialized articles, which are mostly written in English ...
Reasonable and acceptable are also studies from serious sources such as the Bundesbank or a well-known consulting firm or a branch association. You will find in our Gude notes how you can see if a source is reputable.
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